Expand the scope of your SCALE COMPUTING PLATFORM (SC//HyperCore)

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UPONSCALE features

UPONSCALE improves the Scale Computing Platform (SC//Platform) and in particular SC//HyperCore experience with new features like Multitenant support, Backup capabilities, Container features and Powerfull statistics

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Powerful interface

With our modern and powerful interface, you can swiftly grasp all information, effortlessly analyze your history, boost performance, and enhance virtual machine management.

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Elevate user and entity capabilities with the power to effortlessly create, efficiently manage, and seamlessly allocate optimal virtual machines, containers, and backups in a multi-tenant environment.

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Simplify the process of scheduling, managing, and monitoring your backups with our integrated backup functionality. Take advantage of advanced capabilities like easily restoring specific files.

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Take advantage of powerful features such as automatic deployment, dynamic scalability and real-time monitoring.


With our interface see all the information at a glance then analyze your history, optimize performance, and improve the management of your virtual machine with ease.

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Virtual machine analysis

Optimize your performance by defining your virtual machine’s location at a glance

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Affinity management

Establish affinity rules for grouping virtual machines on the same node. Improve network performance and decrease latency.

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Assist your users and entities in creating, managing, and assigning optimal virtual machines, containers, and backups.

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Entities management

Identify the optimal virtual machines, containers, and datacenters for your entities based on statistical history.

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quota management

Easily set custom limits for virtual machines and scale computing cluster administration


Easily schedule, manage, and monitor your backups, while leveraging advanced features such as granular files restoration.

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True incremental backup

Backup your virtual machines and their incremental changes

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Granular or full restoration

Restore a virtual machine or file within a few click

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Take advantage of powerful features such as automatic deployment, dynamic scalability and real-time monitoring.

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container catalog

Explore a selection of preconfigured, ready-to-use containers, covering a variety of technologies and software stacks

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built-in backup

Take advantage of the full backup functionality of your containers.

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