For fast deploy, see the videos in the next documentation section


Before installing, download the Uponscale ISO CD with the link you received after Uponscale’s purchase by mail.

Install UPONSCALE software as a Scale computing virtual machine with the UPONSCALE ISO.

Installation minimal prerequisites:

  •    – DHCP network with an internet access
  •    – VM type: linux (other)
  •    – Drivers: performance
  •    – CPUs: 4
  •    – RAM: 8GB
  •    – Disk: 20GB
  •    – Internet access not too much filtered

It’s important to have access to internet during the installation process

Once you created the virtual machine and started it, the installation wizard will open.


First select the language for the wizard of UPONSCALE.

uponscale installation select language


Secondly, Select your location (it will pre-select the Timezone in the selected location).

location select


Thirdly, configure your clock by selecting it’s timezone.

configure clock


Finally, confirm where the disk partitioning happens to avoid any problem, once you confirm the change will be made and will be irreversible !

disk partition

UPONSCALE Configuration #

Now that Uponscale is installed, go to Uponscale’s console and connect with the default user:

  • id: uponscale
  • password: uponscale

Then in the Virtual Machine’s interface you will have to change the password before proceeding (you can’t keep uponscale as the password for security reasons).

Now from the uponscale menu (where you can configure your network, change your password, shutdown/rebbot Uponscale or see the current configuration) go to “Info” to find the Uponscale’s web interface’s IP.

The link to Uponscale is :

Upon first connection, you will have to fill in the following information:

  • – The TOKEN code provided
  • – Your scale API User (A scale computing user with admin rights)
  • – Your licence key (provided with the ISO download link)